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May , 2016


Winding down and gearing up. That’s the best way to describe where we’re at at this point in the fishing year.

The Brule river steelhead season is winding down. There are still fish in the river and they are pretty much dropping down back to Lake Superior. Fish are still being caught but time is no  longer on your side if you are a Brule River steelheader. As the waters approach a more normal level of flow and clarity you will want to think about going smaller and thinner. Smaller on your fly selection and thinner on your tippet size. Now is the time to pick up that spool of flourocarbon tippet material. Small (8-10, even a 12) egg flies, Prince Nymphs, X-Legs are now becoming good choices. That doesn’t mean you should put your larger flies away but be prepared to experiment a little. The one good part of having fish on the way downstream is that they are done spawning and are hungry now.

The north shore is still fishing well. There is still water in these surface-water streams and there are fish still coming into the rivers the farther up the shore you go. Looper fishing has been tough but mostly because a strong east wind has been hammering the north shore for over a week. Look for winds to change out of the south and west for a few days.

Water temperatures are perhaps a bit cooler than normal for this time of year. The opener of general fishing season means it’s time to hit the trout streams again. Expect to find Hendricksons still on the water and a good hatch of BWo’s should still be around. While it’s too early to see them on the water, you should be hitting your tying vice and spinning up your favorite sulphur patterns as the great days of late May and early June are
















Have your tried the Superior X-Legs? It’s pattern is a Brule River favorite. But it’s so much more. It is a smallie killer.

Watch as local Guide Damian Wilmot ties this can’t miss pattern


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