May 16, 2016

Brule River: 201cfs

smbassFishing has been very good lately. All our rivers have plenty of water; Not too much.  Not too little. Water temperatures are holding up well. The past few days were a little cold and that kept many fishermen off the rivers but those who ventured out generally had a good day of fishing.

The Brule River steelhead season is pretty much over. There are still some fish up in the river but they are dropping down quickly. The entire river is now open for legal fishing so there’s plenty of space to spread out. Water conditions are generally perfect for floating the river. The good bugs, the caddis and mayflies are out in good numbers. Hendrickson’s are winding down but still out. A size 12-14 Adams is always a good bet this time of year (when isn’t a size 14 Adams a good bet!). We haven’t seen any sulphurs on the water yet but they cannot be very far off. When they show, a size 14 sulphur dry or parachute pattern will do nicely. This is a hint – time go get your tying vice out and get ready. As the sulphur season goes on don’t be afraid to switch to a size 16.

The north shore streams sill have water in them too but water levels are dropping. Brook trout fishing on the area’s streams is heating up and now is a good time to get out there before the woods get too thick. With brook trout go the black flies, mosquitoes and ticks. So far, the only real problem in the woods is the ticks.

As the water warms up so will the fishing on the lakes and streams for bass and northern pike and of course musky. Minnesota and Wisconsin seasons for bass and musky are all opening soon. Fish shallow back water bays yet for northern pike. A popper slowly twitched near moving water at dusk is some of the most fun a flyfisher can have with smallmouth bass.

This is the start of the sweet spot in the fishing season. Everything is hatching. Everything is hungry after a long winter and spawning season. Get out there!


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