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Lost Vest

Did you happen to find a vest on the Brule near the Ranger Station a week or so ago? If so Tom G. would really like it back. If you happened to find it, give us a call here at the shop and make a fellow fisherman very happy.

September 22, 2016

Rain. We got some much needed rain last night. The Brule had been running pretty low and clear for a while. There are still a few browns in the river and lots of reports of salmon. Rumor has it that a few, and I mean a few, steelies have been seen in the Brule over the past few days. Last nights rains should help bring a few more fish in over the next few days. This is just the beginning of the fall run. Cooler temperatures and more regular rain will bring more and more fish into the river as we move into October.

Try dark nymphs in size 10-4. But don’t be afraid to go smaller. A #12 prince nymph can be surprisingly effective as we get into late September.

Musky action has also been heating up as they put on their fall feed-bags. Muskies seem to know winter is coming and they begin to feed more as the season comes to a close. These fish can run really large in the fall and this is no place for that 5wt trout rod; 8wt minimum. Large musky flies stripped rapidly on the outside edge of the weedbeds and near any available cover is your best bet to tie into the fish of the summer.

September 12th, Fishing Report

Cooler nights, rain and fish in the Brule.

We finally seem to be out of the heat of this long summer. Nights are getting cooler now and water temperatures are dropping a bit more to the fishes liking. Browns are in the Brule and were starting to see a fair number of salmon in the river as well. No real reports of steelhead in the Brule yet but that should be soon. Check out the pools and deeper runs in the river for these up-river bound fish. Dark nymphs, egg sucking patterns and flies on the swing have been productive. Some really nice browns are also being taken from dusk till dawn with a mouse pattern. Hex season is not the only time to experience the thrills and spills of night fishing on the Brule.

The hot summer also warmed up the area lakes but things are picking up in the warm-water arena too. Small to medium northern pike are smashing top water flies cast up against the deep edge of the weed beds. Some surprisingly large northerns are being fooled this way as well. Pencil poppers, Dahlberg Divers, deer hair frogs and mice are all taking fish. Try early mornings and from about 5:00pm up until about dark.

September 1 fishing report

It’s the 1st day of September. Browns are in the river and we are looking for the salmon to start soon. Water temperatures are a little warm so the daytime fishing has been a little slow. The cooler temperatures this week should get things going very soon.

Mousing at night has been productive as well as the usual cast of characters like the Superior X-Legs and other dark nymphs. There are still a few caddis on the water. Don’t hesitate to put some movement into your drift with a caddis.  Trico’s and baetis are are also an important source of food on the river this time of year.

2nd try


Hex hatch is on

Now’s the time for the hex hatch. It is really the big show here in the northland. Warm steamy nights are the time to be out. If it’s a little cloudy, even better. The hex hatch starts generally just as it’s getting dark and goes on through the night. This is exciting fishing and the river at night is an experience that should be tried.

Warm water fishing has been very good lately. The bass are taking poppers like candy. Smallies seem to be most active during the day and don’t miss the action after dark for largemouth. Musky fishing is also at its prime right now. Large flies that move a lot of water will reliably move these monstrous preditors – as mush as you can expect to move muskies that is.

March 28, 2016

March 28, 2016

The season is up and running. This weekend’s snowfall has mostly melted already. The river levels are up at about 250cfs and are very fishable. Expect the river to be somewhat dirty but it is still in good shape.

Egg patterns are always a good bet this early in the season. With the higher water levels and reduced water clarity, something larger and dark should be the ticket for your day on the river. Try a size 10 prince nymph or even better a hot bead prince nymph. As usual it’s always tough to go wrong with a #8 X-Legs.

The weather forecast looks like good steelheading for the next week. Water levels should hold and will probably drop slightly over the next few days. There are plenty of fish in the river this year and anglers are hooking up with fish.

Use some care while wading as there is about 30% more water running down the river than usual and it is still very cold. If you never got in the habit of wearing one, now is the time to put that wading belt on. You might be glad you did!

The North Shore has been fishing well for several weeks and this year there is plenty of water in the North Shore streams. North Shore streams are also generally running a little high and off-color as well. Looper fishing has been solid for the past few weeks.

2015 fall steelhead #’s

From what we are hearing the fall count of fish is almost done. the steelhead numbers should be over 5000! very good news…

SFA spring open house is Saturday March 19th

Saturday March 5 AFF club casting day at UWS

lost reel???

If you or someone you know lost a reel on the Brule over the weekend 0f Oct24-25 call the shop we might be able to help reunite you! Flows on the brule peaked in the low 160’s yesterday.

Oct 24th

Recent rain has bumped the cfs up to 157 on the Brule. We should expect a fresh push of steelhead.

Fishing report April 2015

Water temps on the Brule are breaking into the 40’s but the cooler weather coming might curtail them rising a lot higher for a week or so. The flow came up a bit Wednesday.  North shore stream are still ice clogged but some of the river mouths are providing some action.

Brule Opener 2015

The Brule River has opened from hwy 2 to lake superior and so far with mostly positive feedback. The river has been running between 160-170 cfs and with just enough color to help conceal us the fisherman. Water temps have been in the mid thirties but of course fluctuating as the sun hits the valley through out the day. The usual menu options of globugs and egg patterns along with rubber legged nymph patterns such as the x-legs, red fox squirrel nymph, aggravators and the like. Good luck.

Nothshore May 2014

Knife is fishing great had water temps up to 42 on sat, as well as lester ,sucker, and stewart.  Grand Marais area still a little behind. Smelt are just starting to run also.


Lower river finally coming back into shape dropping about 50 cfs a day.Should be at lower 300’s by Monday. Very fishable. We are forecasted for some more rain Monday, but this week should be great if we don’t get a big rainfall.

The upper river is doing fine bwo’s and hendricksons.

Brule River-High Again

Brule had been coming back into shape but is close to 800cfs again today.

Northshore April 2014

Northshore is looking fair. Water is muddy with close to no visibility.

Brule river @ 550 CFS

Brule is flowing at 550 cfs, blown out for now, but we need to get through it.

North shore streams starting to blow out wont be long.

We are now carrying Hatch Reels!!!

Brule Flow April 11 2014

The Brule is flowing at about 235cfs. It is gaining some color and more so the lower down the river you go. Fishing has been slow. Water temps still in the mid 30’s.

Brule report April 9,2014

Fishing since this last weekend on the Brule has been a little slow. The warmer weather has increased the ice cold runoff that is entering the river and hence keeping the temps very low, mid 30’s. Previously glo-bugs and the standard nymphs had been producing. It looks like we might have to get through some highwater in the very near future. The USGS water gauge that is on the Brule is not yet functioning(iced up) but will hopefully giving us some water flows soon.   Northshore streams are still frozen but water has been running over the ice which means things are progressing with the recent runoff. Good Luck..

free steelhead clinic march22nd

Damian Wilmot will be presenting a free steelhead fishing clinic  Sat march 22nd 9am – 12pm at the shop. please call or email the shop to register a spot, there will be limited space. Rigging ,reading water, and fly selection are just a few of the major things to be covered.