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Brule river @ 550 CFS

Brule is flowing at 550 cfs, blown out for now, but we need to get through it.

North shore streams starting to blow out wont be long.

We are now carrying Hatch Reels!!!

Brule Flow April 11 2014

The Brule is flowing at about 235cfs. It is gaining some color and more so the lower down the river you go. Fishing has been slow. Water temps still in the mid 30’s.

Brule report April 9,2014

Fishing since this last weekend on the Brule has been a little slow. The warmer weather has increased the ice cold runoff that is entering the river and hence keeping the temps very low, mid 30’s. Previously glo-bugs and the standard nymphs had been producing. It looks like we might have to get through some highwater in the very near future. The USGS water gauge that is on the Brule is not yet functioning(iced up) but will hopefully giving us some water flows soon.   Northshore streams are still frozen but water has been running over the ice which means things are progressing with the recent runoff. Good Luck..

free steelhead clinic march22nd

Damian Wilmot will be presenting a free steelhead fishing clinic  Sat march 22nd 9am – 12pm at the shop. please call or email the shop to register a spot, there will be limited space. Rigging ,reading water, and fly selection are just a few of the major things to be covered.

spring open house sat march 1st


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Brule River flow looks good

River flow looks good, water stained, could not find any fish though.  Lots of gnats, bring bug dope.


Brule Stoneflies

River looks good, good flow and just the right amount of color.  Had some luck on stoneflies (they are all over the in the river), nothing on yarn/eggs.

Brule is flowing at 662 cfs

Brule is flowing at 662 cfs. Lower river is blown out upper has some possibilities. There are still good numbers of steelhead in the river and hopefully now that the rain has stopped we will see it come into more fishable flows by next week. Hendricksons have also been emerging on the upper river.  The northshore is in the same condition as well, high water…


High water again…..

High water again….. 426cfs and climbing. Numbers of steelhead in the river are good but the water levels are not in our favor. More rain in the forecast the next couple days and clearing by Thursday.

Prior to the run-off

Tom Steelhead

Prior to the run-off and river being blown out, it was a great day.  Anxious to be back down.



Not much pressure

Not much pressure from fisherman on the Brule, however the water is very high with some color.  Hooked only one fish all day, logs and trees continue to float the river and crossing is near impossible.  Still lots of snow in the area and melting with high flow on the small streams dumping into the Brule.

Brule is flowing at 399

this morning the big snow that hit hayward and ashland missed the brule valley this last thursday, but it did receive enough precip to slow down the receding runoff. It is raining and drizzling this morning but tomorrow should offer some sun and warmer temps and the river could be in great shape by mid week. north shore streams are coming into shape also but are flowing cold.

Brule flows receding to 446cfs

Brule flows receding to 446cfs as of 5pm thursday, but more snow in the area could see it come up again. It would be great to see it get below 300 again. Could you fish it this weekend? Depends on how bad you want to go and if we get more rain and influx of runoff from new snow it shut it down for the most part. If you do go be safe and remember the fish will position differently in the highwater and sometimes not be far off bank trying to get out of the heavier currents. Good Luck.

Reports this last saturday were good




Reports this last saturday were good, water temp at co-op park 37. Flows are down to 153 and clarity good, a little more color in the water the further downstream you go. Egg patterns have been producing the best.  Sunday fished good also but we had snow falling by late afternoon and might get more snow wed.-thur.


Reports have been slim considering

Reports have been slim considering the fact we just got pummeled with a spring snowstorm that dumped on average 10 in the region.And we are looking to recerive another 2-4 Sunday into monday. The highs for the week are not forecasted to exceed the 40 mark which should keep the flows in check and the runoff on the cool side. X-legs and eggs for the main courses. good luck, SFA.

Fishing on Friday afternoon…

April 5th on the Brule saw some good action in advance of the storm over the weekend.


The rain overnight…

The rain overnight on Friday night put the lower river out (as far as I’m concerned anyway). There were plenty of fish splashing around but my fly never got close enough to their nose to be seen. The upper river was in good shape if on the rise a bit. The traffic on the river caused me to poke around more marginal waters which ended up holding a good bunch of fish. Any spot with a 3′ deep slot in an otherwise 2′ deep run with broken current seemed to hold fish. The few times I did manage a spot in slow deep water were unproductive. I forgot my thermometer in the truck but was told temps were 38-41. Fish were picking up the usual mix of tungsten bead buggers and stones, with a few fish picking up the egg dropper too.    It was nice to see the hens still tight with eggs on opening day rather than the spawned out drop backs of the last few years. I landed nothing over 30 but all fish were good sized and healthy. With the river on the drop now and mild days with cool nights, the river should see a steady melt. Time to block off a midweek day and hit the water!

The Brule opener is upon us once again

The Brule opener is upon us once again, but mother nature has given what we could call a normal spring. There is a lot of snow in the woods and the river ice is still hanging on somewhere between Bachelors and HWY13. The forecast is quite balmy for the week and into the 40’s with a chance for showers sat. Which could possibly push the ice towards hwy13 by the weekend. Good Luck!