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Fly By night guide service, Guiding for Steelhead on the Wisconsin's Brule river

Fly by Night Guide Service

The Superior Fly Angler and Fly By Night Guide Service have teamed up to offer one of the the most diverse selections of fly-fishing trips in the Upper Midwest.

We have many guide packages available. Guided trips can be arranged for the Brule River, St. Louis River and St. Louis Bay, many area lakes and rivers. Call the shop at (715) 395-9520 for more details.  Dates are filling fast. If you are interested in a guided trip, especially during the major hatches, reserve your date soon!

Fly by Night Guide Service’s Steelhead Fishing Safety

  • Dress properly. Because fly-fishing for Steelhead is generally best when the weather is the worst, be sure to dress in warm layers. Start with a quality pair of moisture wicking long underwear and add breathable, insulating layers of fleece over them. Your outer layer should be waterproof, wind-proof and breathable. When temperatures are in the thirties getting wet and cold can be more than inconvenient, it can be dangerous!
  • Wade safely. When you’re fly fishing for Steelhead air temperatures and water temperatures can be dangerously cold. Add that to high water and icy banks and its potentially dangerous situation. Be sure to wear waders and wading boots that fit properly and are appropriately matched to the conditions you are fishing in. Never step into water where you cant see the river bottom. Always cross difficult to wade water with a friend or with the use of a wading staff.
  • Let someone know where you are. If you fish alone, always leave word as to where you will be fishing and an approximate time of when you will be returning.
  • Don’t rush! Take your time. Whether you are climbing down a steep bank or crossing a fast run, always make sure you have one foot planted before you lift the other.
  • Think ahead. If you cross the river and travel two miles down stream, be sure you know where you can cross back, or allow yourself enough time to walk back to where you know you can make a safe crossing. Never put yourself in a position where you “need” to cross in an area you’re not comfortable with. Always carry matches or a lighter.

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