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Late August. There’s really a lot going on right now. It’s been the hottest summer on record and things here have been warm too.

The Brule has been fishing very consistently lately. The big story is fall-run browns are in and this is a great time to enjoy warm evenings and the possibility of truly large brown trout. A mouse fished at dusk and after dark has been quite effective over the past few days.

Tricos have been consistent for the past few weeks. Look for the mating swarms in the early morning. Size 22 and 24 are about right. Rumor has it that the female pattern has been working slightly better than the males. Here’s a little hint for your trico technique; Try tying on a #16 elk-hair caddis about 24 inches above your trico dry. It will go a long way towards locating your fly from the naturals. It you see a rise anywhere near your caddis, set the hook gently. The rise is most likely to your fly.

Warm water species have been a little slow. Muskies and Northern Pike tend to move into a little deeper water this time of year as the top few feet of water become very warm and depleted of oxygen. Cooler temperatures will bring them back as the fall bite heats up. The next few weeks are a great time to try some top water action for these alpha-predators.

Smallmouth bass tend to move off into deeper water in late August as well. Try them early in the morning and just as it gets dark to lure the bigger fish up to top water flies.

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