March 28, 2016

March 28, 2016

The season is up and running. This weekend’s snowfall has mostly melted already. The river levels are up at about 250cfs and are very fishable. Expect the river to be somewhat dirty but it is still in good shape.

Egg patterns are always a good bet this early in the season. With the higher water levels and reduced water clarity, something larger and dark should be the ticket for your day on the river. Try a size 10 prince nymph or even better a hot bead prince nymph. As usual it’s always tough to go wrong with a #8 X-Legs.

The weather forecast looks like good steelheading for the next week. Water levels should hold and will probably drop slightly over the next few days. There are plenty of fish in the river this year and anglers are hooking up with fish.

Use some care while wading as there is about 30% more water running down the river than usual and it is still very cold. If you never got in the habit of wearing one, now is the time to put that wading belt on. You might be glad you did!

The North Shore has been fishing well for several weeks and this year there is plenty of water in the North Shore streams. North Shore streams are also generally running a little high and off-color as well. Looper fishing has been solid for the past few weeks.

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