October 6, 2016

Brule flow: 147. Temp: 51

This is THE time to be on the Brule. Cool days, even cooler nights. This weekend will be our first frost of the year. The leaves are pretty much at peak color. The water is very clear and we could use a little rain. Oh yeah, there’s an 80% chance of rain tonight. There’s even talk of a little snow mixed with the rain. If you had one weekend to fish the Brule this might be it. We’re getting more and more reports of multiple fish days. Weekdays are much less pressured than the weekends so if you can get to the river on a weekday it is really to your advantage. But don’t worry about finding a place to fish on the weekend. There’s lots of rivers and the Brule river crew is pretty much a friendly lot.

Dark colored flies in size 6-8 are still the ticket. Quite a few fish are being taken on the swing as well. If you haven’t tried swinging flies, it’s a blast. Break out those gaudy colored swinging flies and hang-on.

Warmwater action has pretty m


uch been focused on musky and large Northern Pike fishing. Pulsing a large streamer late in the afternoon and evening is your best ticket to the fish of the season.

The clock is ticking. It really is time to put off your house chores, honey-du lists and fall cleanup. These next few days are the sweet spot of the northern fall.

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