Past Fishing Reports

I spoke with a few Anglers when I was on the Brule yesterday afternoon and they were getting quite a bit of action in the mornings on stone and egg patterns. The afternoons right now are a little slow. The river is up to around 130 CFPS so its going up which is great! So fishing all in all is going great on the Brule hopfully we can see ya up here soon!

Blake 9/25/12

Fishing is going great right now Pinks are in the Temperance and Arrowhead

Brule on the North Shore Devils Track has spotty fishing but some steelhead are in the river. I spoke with another angler on Sunday he trolled infront of the mouth of the Devils in Grand Marais with his canoe and picked up three fish. Brule is coming up thanks to the rain that we have been getting the past two weeks its not much but better than nothing. There are fish in the Brule though! Fishing is good Coho’s are in and so are the Steelhead… I have seen some browns but I still have yet to catch one or talk to someone who has caught one. Kings are in the Brule as well! Fishing is picking up there is lots of opporunity for fish on the north shore or the south shore! See you in the Shop or on the River!

Blake Enyart 9/22/12

More positive steelhead fishing reports coming in and a little more water in the river, flows are at 131cfs this morning. Some cohos are still hanging in the lower river.


Matt 9/22/12

Talked to some guys who floated HWY 2 to Pine tree landing. Lots of lake run fish hanging in the meadows section and upper high landing area.

MP 9-17-12

Just talked with another guy who hooked 2 steelhead on the Brule. Landed one 22” and lost another a little bigger.


MP 9-12-12

Some reports of steelhead came in from mcneils landing on the brule. Some rain would help spur it along and there is some rain in the forecast.

MP 9-11-12



Upper Brule river opener saturday. Hendricksons, BWO,s. Hendricksons have already been hatching so we might still the tail end of the hatch. If we have more overcast weather BWO’s might present more oppurtunities. Good Luck!
There are still some steelhead in the river and not just drop outs but also a handful of chrome fish. It has definitely gotten a little tougher, but you can just about have the lower river to yourself. Tuesday we had a jump in water levels and they are finally receding. Thursday the water was pretty turbid but should be in good shape as long as we don’t get any rain.

Fishing Report: 4-3-2012

Water conditions on the Brule are good right now. A little rain wouldn’t hurt.  Quite a few fish have spawned and are dropping back. Fishing should remain pretty good for the next 10 days to 2 weeks, and will most likely get pretty spotty after that.

Damian Wilmont   Fly By Night Guide Service.


Fishing report 10-26-11

Gentlemen,  Thanks for hooking me up with wading boots last week.  A few photos from my day trip.
Thanks again



Fishing report 10-20-11

Water levels still low but there are enough fish around to keep most people interested. Most reports are of 1-2 hook ups, but some reports of up to 5 hook ups are out there. some browns and cohos still moving through. red foxsquirrel nymphs, x-legs, prince nymphs, glo bugs are standard menu items, but i still throw the whole box at them if they arn’t showing interest in the standard fare.


Fishing Report 04/03/2011:

The Brule continues to fish well.  Today’s rain/snow is pushing water levels up a little, but not too bad.  The lower river will probably be a little dark for the next couple of days, but should clear fast.  Reports of a few bright fish around, but most of what I’ve seen have been pretty dark.

Opening day 2011, coldest day I’ve ever fly fished.  Guides and line froze up every five minutes and broke my tip trying to clean them!  But i did manage to get this one in.

Tim May


Fishing Report 03/31/2011:

Matthew and I hit the Brule for a couple hours last Thursday. I hooked the fish, we switched rods and he got bring in the 25″ hen steelhead. —-mp


3/30/11 from Matt

The lower Brule opened to fishing Sat. low temps ranged from 3-8 degrees depending where you were in the valley. Hence there were alot of frozen guides until well into the afternoon. The WI DNR stated last week that in excess of 8000 steelhead entered the brule last fall. Water temps have been in the mid 30’s  but the warmest we have heard of was 36. The water temps will be variable to time of day (solar warm up) and where on the river you are (The closer you are to lake superior the more impact you will get from feeder creeks and runoff). Trying to find actual water levels, cfs, is tricky right now since the USGS page is still reading “ice”, but water levels are good. The water is quite clear still. Fish are being hooked on stones, x-legs, red fox squirrel nymphs, kaufmann stones, and egg patterns, orange and charteuse being best. Don’t hesitate to try some large prince nymphs or hares ear patterns and also switch up your egg patterns (color or size). It could make all the difference.