September 22, 2016

Rain. We got some much needed rain last night. The Brule had been running pretty low and clear for a while. There are still a few browns in the river and lots of reports of salmon. Rumor has it that a few, and I mean a few, steelies have been seen in the Brule over the past few days. Last nights rains should help bring a few more fish in over the next few days. This is just the beginning of the fall run. Cooler temperatures and more regular rain will bring more and more fish into the river as we move into October.

Try dark nymphs in size 10-4. But don’t be afraid to go smaller. A #12 prince nymph can be surprisingly effective as we get into late September.

Musky action has also been heating up as they put on their fall feed-bags. Muskies seem to know winter is coming and they begin to feed more as the season comes to a close. These fish can run really large in the fall and this is no place for that 5wt trout rod; 8wt minimum. Large musky flies stripped rapidly on the outside edge of the weedbeds and near any available cover is your best bet to tie into the fish of the summer.

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