October 3, 2016

Brule River, 150cfs, 53 degrees.

It’s time to get out there if you haven’t already made it. The Brule is fishing very well right now. Shorter days, longer nights and cooler temperatures are all working for us to make for some very good fishing. Browns, salmon and steelhead are all in the river right now. Dark colored nymphs like the Superior X-Legs are working really well right now. If you’re tying them yourself, use plenty of lead free wire in the underbody and a slightly oversized bead to get your fly down to the bottom. Brule river steelhead seem to have a thing for flies on the swing. The classic Popsicle has been bringing in a few nice fish over the past week.

There are still quite a few salmon in the river. They are finishing their spawning right now but there are still some bright fish left the river. Don’t forget the fall-run brown too.

We haven’t heard much about the smallmouth fishing for a few days but a lot of fishermen have been trying their luck with the muskies. Darker flies seem to have been working a little better than the brightly colored versions but it’s always hard to tell what those moody fish seem to want.


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